Brightlands start-up innovates with environmentally conscious app for the shipping industry

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How can ships use less fuel and produce less CO? According to the Dutch company Trapps Wise and the Flemish company Novation, they can do this by optimizing their navigation speed between locks. Thanks to support from CrossRoads2, the partners are building an application that is designed to help shipping companies do this. Trapps Wise is connected to the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen.

Start-up Trapps Wise develops smart mobility apps. A few months ago, the company performed a feasibility study to examine the possibility of converting data to real-time navigational advice. The study yielded positive results, and together with a few partners including application developer Novation, Trapps Wise now wants to develop an app that will even help shipping companies save money. The app treats the shipper as the pivotal figure in the logistics chain.

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